Read the First 5 Chapters of Fated Loss!

Brimming with high action, Fated Loss is a tale where you have to choose between love or hate, your heart or your head, and saving the world or losing the ones most important to you.

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Fated Loss (Red Rose & Black Ash, Book 1)

For two years, her memories were lost.

For two years, she believed a lie.

For two years, thousands of lives rested in her hands. But she didn’t even know.

Because she can’t remember her past, Rose Kristal thinks she is an ordinary girl until her sixteenth birthday. On that day she discovers she is far beyond ordinary. On that day she remembers what she had forgotten. Now with thousands of people in peril, Rose needs to take back what has been stolen from her.

Second by second, time ticks down and challenges pile up as Rose struggles to reclaim her kingdom from a vile tyrant. One who is determined to vanquish her. And to make matters more complicated, she is falling for a kind guy with a deadly secret.

But Rose’s biggest fear—losing the one she loves to the prophecy.


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